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Bearings reduce friction between two objects, which allows moving parts to run smoother. Bearings are divided into two main categories: thrust bearings and radial bearings. Thrust bearings support axial loads, which are parallel to the axis of rotation, while radial bearings support turning shafts perpendicular to the axis of rotation. Depending on the application, there is a wide range of bearings to choose from. Common types of bearings include ball bearings, split bearings, and roller bearings. Bearings are also available in mounted, unmounted, and flange styles. Ball bearings are the most common type of bearing and are used in applications requiring support of smaller loads. Split bearings are ideal for hard-to-reach places and quick installation while roller bearings are suitable for heavier loads. Roller bearings are generally available in three styles: tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, and spherical roller bearings. Key elements to consider when selecting bearings are outer diameter and the shaft diameter the bearing will fit.

FAG C2218 C3 CHINA Bearing 90x160x40

3.4 MUC208
N/A M06110

FAG BWX 13167 CHINA Bearing

0.0 0.595

FAG BVNB475902 CHINA Bearing 45*100*86

Steel P56
For Lock Washer 0.385 in

FAG BVNB475901 CHINA Bearing 50*110*108

NSK M06110
0.0 NSK

FAG BVN-7107 B CHINA Bearing 70*125*24

0.0 NTN
N/A M06110

FAG BVN7102B CHINA Bearing 15*32*9

0 Inch | 0 Millimete 44.49
190637 6 Bolt Round Flange

FAG BVN-7102 B CHINA Bearing 60*110*22

0.0 0644075010610

FAG BVN 7107 B CHINA Bearing 70x125x24

34 mm 1000 sfpm
-328 to 536 ºC 717905168314

FAG BVN 7102 B CHINA Bearing 60x110x22

Single Row 0644075081962

FAG Bushing EGB9050-E40 CHINA Bearing 90*95*50

Single Cup 0.8750 in
3.5000 in 418, 420

FAG Bushing EGB7040-E40 CHINA Bearing 70*75*40

0.0 KOYO
0 Bearings

FAG B-SF4454PX1 CHINA Bearing 220x295x33

Yes 13
Steel Spherical Roller Bea