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In 1915, production of the "Volvo bearing" started and a new company was established in Hartford, US. SKF aslo built a factory in the same area. In addition, a sales company was established in Norway while a branch office was opened in Rio de Janeiro and an agent was appointed in Uruguay. In 1916, SKF acquired Hofors Bruk in Sweden, The Hess-Bright Manufacturing Co. in Philadelphia, and Grönkvists Mekaniska Verkstad in Katrineholm, Sweden. SKF also established a new company in South America to manage its sales there. This led to the opening of branch offices in Argentina and Chile. In 1917, SKF build a new ball bearing factory in Bois-Colombes, France as well as established sales companies in Uruguay and Canada, the latter one being a subsidiary of the US company. More agents are appointed, this time in Hungary and Siam. In 1918, SKF acquired the Atlas Ball Co. and opened a sales office in Peru. Subsidiaries were established in Italy and Czechoslovakia in 1919. Meanwhile, the sales and manufacturing organizations located in the US were combined and renamed SKF Industries, Inc. During the 1920s, SKF continued to expand as it formed sales companies and subsidiaries in Switzerland, Mexico, Poland, Yugoslavia, Japan, Cuba, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Egypt, Portugal, Bolivia, Venezuela, New Zealand, Turkey, and Hungary. Offices were also opened in Australia, Algeria, Vienna, British India, and Prague.

SKF C 2220K JAPAN Bearing

15.8 mm NTN
NTN 38 mm

SKF BX-16068 MA/C3VL0241 ID340 OD 520 JAPAN Bearing 340*520*57

50 mm M 42x3
190 kN 150 N/mm²

SKF BX-16068 MA/C3VL0241 JAPAN Bearing 340*520*57

3.5 Nm 30 mm
11 mm 0.39 kg

SKF BVNB311523 JAPAN Bearing

101.6 mm 2.5 kg
-20 °C 43.5 mm

SKF BVNB311503 AA JAPAN Bearing

SP208- 100 mm
22.8 kN SES208-24

SKF BVNB311503 JAPAN Bearing 55*120*58

11 mm FL203N-
M6x1 57 mm

SKF BVNB311438 JAPAN Bearing

0.0 0.42 Hz
63 kN 1.5 mm

SKF BVNB 311523 150H JAPAN Bearing 75×160×37

3,900 rpm 14
5.39 Hz 17.9 kN

SKF BVNB 311503 JAPAN Bearing

45 N/mm² 50 mm
H7 29 mm

SKF BVNB 311438 JAPAN Bearing

35.5 mm 0.3 mm
30.6 mm 13000 r/min